Visit Thailand – Thais are among the friendliest people in the world, so it’s easy to forget basic caution. While you don’t want to bring western paranoia with you to the Land of Smiles, you’ll want to be cognizant of how to avoid unwanted sexual attention, getting fleeced by taxi drivers and shop owners, and staying healthy. Here are a few tips gathered from a number of veteran women travelers in Thailand.

Passports, Airline Tickets

While enjoying your stay in Thailand, it’s always possible to misplace your passport and tickets. We suggest you scan images of them into a computer before you leave, then email the attachment to yourself, using your international email address. If tickets and passport ever become lost, you’ve got photocopies available by accessing your email. This will prove invaluable if you have to make a replacement claim at an embassy, consulate, or airline office.


Thais are generally polite, genteel, and respectful. They do have conservative views about women, and Western women can appear to be “adventurous.” If you’re a woman traveling alone, do not drink with Thai men in an isolated spot, particularly after dark. If you do, and are sexually assaulted, you may find difficulty in prosecution, as the police may interpret that you led the men on.


If you are going to a specific jewelry shop to make a purchase, and are taking a taxi or tuk-tuk, get off 1/2 block before your shop. If you do not, the taxi driver may insist on coming in with you to “take a look around.” Instead, he will be talking in Thai to the owner, and arranging for his commission for bringing you to the shop. You will end up paying a commission to the driver, as part of your purchase.

Beware of short-change artists. Generally, they will accept a larger bill from you, and tell you they don’t have change. They will hold your bill while you fish for something smaller. Then you’ll pay with the smaller amount, and they’ll all of a sudden find the right amount of change for your larger bill. They’ll mix your smaller bills into their change, and you’ve suddenly paid twice. Our tip: don’t relinquish your money until you see your change in front of your eyes.


As in western countries, avoid walking alone at night in isolated areas. If you need to take a taxi after a late night at a club, ask club personnel to get a taxi for you, write down the cab number when it arrives, and give it to the person who flagged the cab for you. While this action may puzzle that individual, it tells the driver that you’re mentally aware ...

If your late-night taxi driver asks if you’re traveling alone, tell him you’re going to meet your husband. End of discussion. If he asks what your husband does, reply: “Works for government. Cannot say more.” Again, your job is to get safely to your destination, not to provide entertainment for your driver.

We agree with the warning issued by the Tourist Authority of Thailand: never accept free offers of a tour guide, unless it’s from someone you know and trust. If you do, you’ll invariably part with more money than if you’d hired a legitimate tour guide. if you are looking for a wonderful travel experience then visit this site to learn more about the Thailand trips

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